Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of 2009

Well, today is the last day in the history of the world that I can blog and say it is 2009! For our family there is not really anything special about today.

Dad just got done frying a double batch of donuts so we ate some and we will freeze the rest. They are great as a snack or for breakfast. I was over at Metigoshe Ministries for a while this afternoon to take down tables and chairs from a funeral this morning, vacuum, then set up 120 chairs for the church.

Andrew has been creating some pretty neat 3D drawings on a new program we got called "Blender."

You start out with a mesh frame and construct the basic shapes and then you can add fill colors and lighting and textures and look at it in 3D. I guess you can animate your drawings as well and make a movie of them. It is a pretty complicated program to use but once you figure out how to run everything it goes pretty fast.

This is the screen you edit and shape the drawings with. You can create landscapes and all sorts of different drawings with it.


P.S. I think I'll wait to blog until next year :0) !

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