Friday, December 04, 2009


Well, hopefully we are done with raw meat a while! The sun was out for the first time since it snowed so I was outside for a little bit. It is kind of hard to adjust from fall to winter in a few days.

David had our snowboard out (an old one that doesn't have any place to attach your feet) and was sliding from near the house to down the hill a little ways so I thought I would give it a try too. He said I could do it after he had gone a few more times so when he handed me the rope, I decided to try the steep hill in front of the house. Part way down the hill I fell over. When you stand up on a slippery snowboard without your knees bent you usually don't get very far, so I went back up to the top to try again. This time I got all the way down the hill, plowing through about eight inches of snow I felt the snowboard hit a log and then I toppled over and landed on a tree half buried in snow. I had known there was some trees there and piles of sticks but I didn't think to steer around them so right now I'm sitting here with a sprained thumb. At least it is my left hand so I can still type with my right one. Jonathan had me put on a onion poultice to help make the swelling go down. Earlier this year I sprained the same thumb while trying to snap a small board in two and it took a while before it healed up.

It's time for supper now. Venison steak, yum!



Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard about any deer shot this year yet.

Did you get only 1? How big Doe or Buck?

Is the season over for guns?

Who shot it.

Are you still trying for another?

Gp B

Peter Bartlett said...

Hi Grandpa,

The season ended 11-22 and Jonathan and I both went hunting but we didn't see as many deer this year as last year. The deer that we shot weren't very special ones. One was a small three point buck and the others were does. It is not a real big deal for us to shoot a deer any more, it is just another thing for us to do! (and we have fun doing it)

Thank you for the comments,