Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The temperature outside tonight must be well below zero! It was too cold to be outside much but I did go out and put up a gate across a doorway in the barn this afternoon. We are getting everything ready in the barn for the cow to deliver her calf which should be in a week or so. Jonathan, Andrew and David went down to Willow City to get some grain with the pickup. They left about 2 pm and we got a little worried when they hadn't showed up at 5:30 so Dad took the car and drove the route they would have to go on to come back and thankfully met them a mile from our driveway. They had to stop in town and fill up one of the tires that was low but they didn't get stuck and it just took a while to get there and back. Willow City is about 30 miles from here. When they got home they were covered in grain dust from holding open the bag to fill it and the heater in the truck didn't kick on until the trip back so on the way down they froze!

All the animals seem to be doing well. The goats sleep in a bit later than usual in the cold weather and the horse doesn't even go into the barn when it is this cold. She has got an inch or so of hair on her hide already so she can't even tell it's winter!

We are all set on our wood supply for the winter thanks to a really nice fall and so far the wood stove has kept the house warm and sometimes it's too hot in here.

Dad brought down some pumpkins that were upstairs because it was about 35 degrees and we didn't want them to freeze. As you can see he cut some of them up this afternoon also.

That's all for now,

P.S. the cat just knocked
a plant off the window sill and covered the piano and floor behind the chair with dirt!

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Anonymous said...

Cats will be cats.

Very colorful picture with Dad & the pumpkins.

Sure hope the birth will be successful.

Must be a lot warmer in the barn now with the other door in place.

Gp B