Friday, December 18, 2009

14 Hour drive


Last night Dad and Jonathan got home with a trailer full our wood siding. We would have liked to have picked it up sooner but we had to wait for the weather to be better so it could be milled. We borrowed a 16' car trailer from our neighbor to haul the wood back and Dad checked over everything in the truck the day before so yesterday morning they left here at 6:00. They got to the sawmill in Bemidji Minnesota after a 7 hour drive, loaded up, and headed home and got back here about 11:00 last night. That means they were sitting in the truck for about 14 hours! They said it was a long day.

We still need to get the stain, but after that we are ready to start putting it up. That will be exiting!!!

The cow still hasn't delivered...


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

Is the siding dry or kiln dried?

Bet it smells nice.

The piles looks good.

You will have to devise a production system to stain them efficiently. I suggest a 4" roller, thick knap. Probably have to stand them on end till both sides are dry. Or figure a way to space them in a stacked pile.

Good luck

Gp B

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter!
Is the siding for your house? We want to put rough-cut wood siding on our house sometime.
We are building a gambrel barn right now that has rough cut board and batten siding. We also have built a sugar house for making our maple syrup in and it is rough cut too.
I like your animals. We have cows and goats too. They are all going to have babies in the spring.

Peter said...


I think the siding was kiln dried but I'm not totaly sure about that. I'm sure we'll figure out a procedure to get all the wood stained.


Yes, the siding is for our house. The place we got it from runs it through a machine that planes it and cuts the siding in one step so it is not actually rough lumber.

Thank you for reading my blog!