Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Animals (pictures)

We got some more animals! Here's some pictures:

This is one of two pregnant does

This is John our new billy

This is another of himThe other doe

A better picture of one of the does

We made a trailer cage that we brought the animals back in
We also got two geese and a bunch of ducks
This is some of the Bornamann family and us. They are the people we got the animals from and stayed with yesterday and the day before

This is the trailer

We did end up loseing one of our does and this one seems sick too :o(

We made some moveable pens like this to keep healthy goats and sick ones seperate and out on the pasture

These are some puppies that our dog had a couple of days ago


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bad news :o(


Bad news= we may loose a goat tonight.

Starting a couple of days ago our mother goat, Ebony started getting sick and weak. We think she has Johne's disease or somthing like it. We went to Boisavain in Canada to get some herbal treatments this afternoon for her. She is laying down with not enough strength to lift her head up. I hope we won't loose her! They say that there isn't any cure for this disease.

This afternoon I made a cutout of an eagle out of ash on our scrollsaw. Dad was busy on his computer so I couldn't put a picture on this post. I cleared a spot on our bookshelf and set up all the things I made on the scrollsaw. Today it was around 40 degrees so the snow was melting and it was all slushy outside.

Got to go,