Friday, October 30, 2015

OPEN C GUITAR TUNING -- Blessed Assurance

Thanks to Thomas Pederson for teaching me the open C guitar tuning. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tiny House: Concept to Creation

It’s the most fun I’ve had creating something ever!

Dad used to tell us someday we’d be making things out of the real legos, and this is exactly that.

I enjoy thinking conceptually and creating things from my imagination. Often times I'll scratch out a schematic for something I’d enjoy making if I had the chance.

Maybe a template for a barn, or a diagram of a future barnyard.

As I’m standing there with my pen and paper towel in the barn, sometimes my drawings seem as real in my mind as if I had actually spent the time creating it.

Well, this project is actually becoming a reality!

Last spring I borrowed dad’s framing book and kept it on the barn shelf. Once or twice a day I flipped through the chapters and illustrations, gradually making my way through the book.

From tricks of the trade, to engineering principles and wood types, I enjoyed getting a feel for what goes into planning and creating a floor plan and elevation for a house.

After going through the book I felt I had a handle on the basic framing principles. I then started making a series of rough sketches on graph paper using a pencil (so it was easy to reconfigure) and set to work putting my learning to practice.

I have to say, the plans have morphed into newer and newer revisions as I went along.

Youtube videos and small cabin design websites helped me get a feel for what was possible, and for what fit my tastes.

I like simplicity, and I liked small compact designs, but I didn’t need it to rest on a trailer. With that in mind, I created a design a bit larger than some tiny houses that were shown. More like a small cabin.

The floorplan is simple. It’s 12’x20’ outside dimensions. There's a small porch, dining/living area, kitchenette, office and shower/bathroom on the main level. Then a bedroom and storage area in a loft that spans about half the ceiling.

Before deciding to build something myself, I shopped around for available pre-built options. None of the affordable options really caught my eye, and I would end up with something very basic and constructed out of 2x4s. I wanted something winterizable and custom built for me. That's why I started designing and building it myself.

I have now finished about three walls. Two are fastened in place, supported by braces, and the third is framed and almost complete.

I wrapped up my tools and put them under a tarp last night in case of rain, and plan to get them out today to finish the third wall and start on the fourth.