Wednesday, May 31, 2017

#RealStories: A Spee-Dee Recovery From Supermarket Pork

It was a crisp wintry day in February when the truck pulled up to deliver feed for the Bartlett Farms layer flock. Out stepped Jerrame, badges, uniform and all. Spee-Dee delivery was on time as usual with the big black and white freight truck.

Growing up on a farm in North Dakota, Jerrame W. of Minot ND is a driver for Spee-Dee Delivery, and has fond memories of gardening and farming as a kid. Jerrame, now about 50, is still extremely active and fit. His passion for simpler lifestyles and creativity shine as he explains how he prepares and serves gourmet meat-based dishes for he and his wife at their Minot area home.

In discussing what Bartlett Farms used the feed for, Jerrame opened up about his struggles with consuming store bought meat products. He described a burning sensation that occurred in his gut after eating a simple pork chop sourced from a typical supermarket.

Between tossing feed bags to Peter who stacked them on the nearby shipping palate for use with the laying hens, Jim Bartlett of Bartlett Farms began sharing problems associated with conventional meat-raising practices. Antibiotics served to animals in the feed, genetically modified ingredients, soy-based rations, and additives make up a large portion of the meat found on typical grocery store shelves. Jerrame had heard some of these things, but to that point he had simply not known where to turn for alternatives.

After that initial conversation in February, Jerrame decided to source pastured pork from Bartlett Farms to see if he experienced the same allergy-type sensations.

To his relief, after eating Bartlett Farms pork, the symptoms were minimal if present at all, and Jerrame was ecstatic the next few times we met for new feed shipments.

"After eating your pork I think my pork allergy has disappeared." -Jerrame W. Minot, ND

After months or years of not enjoying the benefits of pork, Jerrame has finally been able to cook and prepare the tender meat in his own creative way. No longer does he have to pass on eating pork chops, but he can settle in and enjoy the flavor of pork and other meats raised right.

In Jerrame's words, grass-fed meats are simply more concentrated and pure than watered-down versions of store bought meats. Like cool-aid, if you add water to the blend you still have cool-aid, but it's diluted. With grass-fed and pastured meats, you get the best meat full-strength.

Are you experiencing improvement because of a better diet? Share your thoughts in the comments or email Peter at

Real food is making a difference!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How to Move A Cow

Cows don't speak english. But they do know what you're saying through body language. 

To move a cow you need to think of two things. Pressure and position.

Your body language determines your pressure. Slouch your shoulders, bend down, pick up a blade of grass -- this is low pressure. Stand tall, puff out your chest, wave your arms -- that's high pressure.

To make a cow go where you want, you use just enough pressure from the right position. 

The cow thinks through her eyes, so your position in relation to her head is what matters. It's pretty much like a game of pool from there. Position yourself in the right place and exert the right amount of pressure. She will move! Then adjust. 

That's about it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Setting Goals

I love to be busy but sometimes I fail to set a goal for where I want to be by the end of the day, month, year and end up doing only "busy work." Work that gets little done and no substantial progress.

Setting and dwelling on goals is important because it gives me a high standard to aim for and an intentional attitude toward getting there.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Temporary Need For Limited Liability

People are the image bearers of God. As such, we have moral responsibility and a duty to obey God in all that we do.

When we create an organization or a corporation, we create another entity that is an artificial person. This person isn't made in God's image.

What I take that to mean is that although the company is bound to conform to the moral responsibilities and obligations of holiness in God's world, the people in charge of the company are the ones given the great task of harnessing the company's actions in obedience to God's commands.

Today I became President of Bartlett Dairy, LLC.

I find it an honor and privilege to be in this position. I also know that limiting liability for the wrong reasons is sin. I must be careful to not allow the business interests to affect my moral judgement.

The way I see it, today's need for limiting liability is for protection from a corrupt judicial system.

There will probably be a day down the road where limiting liability will not be necescary because righteous judgement will protect upright people.

For now, it seems that LLCs provide the best government-approved protection from reckless lawsuits and help keep family businesses afloat.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Simple is Scalable: Real Beef Parcel

Since selling beef, we've only offered customers the ability to buy large amounts through a quarter, half, or whole beef, or various cuts.

The problem with this is that it's hard for busy people to choose what they want. 

The bulk order takes planning, the cuts take knowledge.

So we designed a product that solves that problem. It's not for every consumer, it's for learners.

It's the Real Beef Parcel. In the Standard option, you get a box of beef with a roast, four steaks, and and four pounds of ground beef. It's all you need to be able to say "I'm eating grass-fed beef."

The best part is that I think this model is scalable because it's simple.

Now the job is getting this into the hands of those who know they need it.