Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Risk: game of global domination


I guess it's been a while since I wrote last so I will sit down and write now.

I'm in the middle of a desperate game of Risk right now. I guess I'm not doing too bad though, I have conquered all of north and south America and am moving east through northern Africa. I have fortified my continents pretty well too and now I just captured all of Africa! Now everyone else (Jonathan, Andrew and David) are starting to conspire against me to wipe my army off the board. Next time it is David's turn he will be trading in his set of three cards for 45 additional armies and will attempt to re-take the land I conquered. We don't play Risk too often but when we do it can take a few days to finish it. We have been working on this game for five days now!

The weather is supposed to get a lot colder now starting tonight so we will keep most of the animals inside the barn for now. We don't want frozen teats. We started using a homemade teat dip for sanitizing the cow's udder and teats before and after milking. We found the recipe at http://www.fiascofarm.com/. There is a lot of helpful information on there and it is more focused on goats but the information is similar for cows.

We had some trouble with the wood stove pipe rusting (because it was cheap galvanized tin stuff) but this afternoon dad set up some triple wall pipe and got the wood stove running again which is nice because the floor heat was costing us quite a bit to run. With floor heat there isn't any place for you to warm up when you come in from outside because all the heat is the same through the whole house.

Just now as the sun is going down I can see "sun dogs" on each side of the sun so it must be getting colder out.



Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
I am just getting ready to play checkers with my younger brother Nathanael. I have never player Risk but I have heard of it. It seems fun!
What are the temperature where you live right now?
In is in the upper teens right now but in the other night it got below zero. I live in MI not too far from lake Michigan and so it is warmer where we live. But we get alot of snow from the lake effects.
(My older brother David was the one who wrote the comment about the cow.)

Anonymous said...

Stay warm Peter.

Gp B