Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making a furniture puzzle

Hello again,

This afternoon I went out to the shop and cut out a couple of furniture puzzles with the band saw. I took a few pictures of the process for you to see:

I mark out the first cut on one side of the block. The block is two inches thick and about 2 1/2" by 4 1/2".

After that those cuts are made I cut out the two pieces you see on the scroll saw. The band saw can't make that sharp of a turn so I use the scroll saw for that job.

Then I turn the block on its side and cut out the two chairs and the pieces under the chairs.

Then I tip it again and cut out the little bench from under the chair.
And that is all the pieces. There are no extra parts in that block of wood! There are 10 pieces: two chairs, two benches, a table and what is supposed to be a couch. I would like to have some hardwood to try making one out of but these were made of pine. We got one that I copied from a garage sale that was an antique, made of redwood, but the only other place I've ever seen one made was in one of the "Foxfire" books.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
I really liked the pictures of you making the furniture puzzle. I have a book called "American Folk Toys" and it has a similar pattern to this. I have been wanting to make it soon. I have a scroll saw and I enjoy making wood toys and other things with it. How did you get a picture of you sitting on your furniture puzzle?

Peter said...


I have a brother who likes to play with a program on the computer so he cut out the picture of me and pasted it onto the other picture!
It turned out pretty good!