Thursday, April 09, 2015

Jonathan's Trip Home

Hi again!

We had such a blessed time with Jonathan home over the last week. He traveled to the farm from where he lives in Georgia a week ago Tuesday, and spent until this past Monday.

David, who surprised him on his birthday the week before, secretly arranged them to sit next to each other on the five-hour-plus flight home.

It's funny how time can pass, but when we're all together again, things seem like they are as they always had been -- always lots of fun.

I'd like to recap a bit of Jonathan's trip with pictures:

We celebrated a late birthday party for Jonathan the first full day he was here. A favorite casserole dish with REAL chicken + ice cream, chocolate sauce, and brownies for dessert.

Opening a few gifts at the table (to be used later -- you'll see).

Took a series of family photos on Sunday after church. Wonderful family to be a part of! Especially thankful since we hadn't spent time as a complete family for over a year and a half.

Us four brothers. 

Jonathan's gift of a tennis racket and a few balls came in handy on Monday. Jonathan taught us the rules and we played at Tommy Turtle park in Bottineau.  It was fun... even without a net.

My tennis pose.

Jonathan was great! (sorry for the eyes closed shot...)

David learned tennis in Georgia last week, so he had more practice than Andrew and I.

Andrew sent this one out of the court! ...kinda

With only two rackets, the other brothers retrieved balls and tossed them to the server.

"Brothers + Photoshop = Movie Poster" is how Andrew described this one. 


We had taken the photo below photo back in 2002 on our trip to the east coast, and someone had the idea we should replicate it while together again. So...

...we did! At Pride Dairy's old fashioned ice cream parlor in Bottineau. Photo credit to Dad. And thanks Jonathan for the ice cream!


As always, Jonathan jumped right into doing things for us back home, Among other things he installed the first round of insulation paneling on the rafters upstairs. He had (a little bit of) help from David.

Jonathan also passed along his expertise at reloading to me. We filled a few dozen cases of .40 for plinking, and peppered tin cans Monday morning. Every round cycled beautifully.

It's about half the cost to reload as it is to purchase most ammunition. That's if you mold your own bullets, anyway.

Couldn't let the week slip without a few jam sessions! The best brother time ever seems to come when you're creating joyful sounds together. 

Jonathan took to his wings Tuesday afternoon, and landed in Georgia late that evening. We sure miss him, but know God is working His great plan out through Jonathan's calling in Georgia.

Now it's us and the piggies, and a busy season ahead. 

Come again soon, Jonathan!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015