Saturday, February 24, 2007

Music Video

Here's a song I learned not too long ago.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Febuary 23 2007 Video Update


We figured out how to post short videos so I thought I'd try and post one. If you've looked at Jonathan's blog recently you know what we did yesterday. In case you didn't I can tell you. We did dog sledding. I drove a team of six dogs for about 6 miles along trails. Our neighbors the Pozarnskies have thirty sled dogs and so they set up three sleds for us to use. I went with Andrew, Jonathan with Mom, and Dad with David. The Pozarnskies rode on snowmobiles and coached us along the way. It is like you're sliding, up hills and down hills. It was really fun! There was a brake that would dig into the snow to slow you down but it was almost all you could do to stop the dogs completely. Jonathan's blog has a short video of the adventure and some pictures. Today it was really windy. We repaired a rip in the house wrap this morning. That is about all that is interesting. I hope the video works!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007



No it's not a chimminy fire. I went outside wondering what I should do, so I went down to the lake and built myself a fire. I used only the stuff in the wild and the things in my pocket. I have a 5 in one survival whistle that I keep strike anywhere matches, small candle, bandaid, sandpaper, and a knife blade in. I used the inner bark of an aspen tree for tinder. I scraped the outer bark off of a dead standing aspen tree and peeled off the light brown dry inner bark. I only used two matches. Not really good but at least I didn't use three! The first match burned the tinder a little but then it went out. I used the second match and lit the candle and held the match and the candle to the tinder until it started burning. I suppose you wonder what the sandpaper was for. I used it to strike the matches on. The strike anywhere matches don't really strike anywhere, so I put the sandpaper in my kit to strike the matches on. The last time I tryed to light a fire with the strike anywhere matches I tryed to light them on my jeans zipper but then I just wore the white tip off. I got the fire blazing with just all the things in my pocket. It is nice to know that wherever I go I have a fire in my pocket to keep warm with.

The things I carry around in my pocket is: #1 jacknife, #2 five in one survival whistle, #3 small 9 LED flashlight, #4 pocket watch. In my right pocket: jacknife and whistle, left pocket: flashlight and watch.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cold weather


Recently we have been having pretty cold weather. Ether Jonathan or I get up at night and check on the goats. We have some lamps going in the barn to keep them warm. The temperature has been in the 20 belows at night and in the day time it is around zero. The turkeys are fine and so are the cats and dogs. Somtimes like last night the dogs seem cold so we have them in the house. Samson our german shepard slept with me last night. I sleep on the bottom bunk and Samson just climbs right in! He seems to like sleeping with me but part of last night it felt like I was sleeping with him. He pulled most of the covers under him and his head was on the pillow. After a while I got him to move to a different place.

It seems like every night Mom asks us what we should have for supper. Lately it has been popcorn or something with eggs but just recently we had toad in a hole. It is where you take a piece of bread that is buttered on the back, stick it in the baking pan, put cheese on, put a piece of bread with a hole on top, crack an egg into the hole and sprinkle cheese on top. After it is cooked it tastes really good!

Outside we have been having fun too! We pile snow up into a large row and dig the inside into a tunnel. We have some winding tunnels that lead into a larger room. The snow is a good insulater. If you are outside in the windy field your hands will get really cold if you don't have your gloves on but in the tunnels it is pretty warm. You can still see your breath inside though.

Selah is walking around inside right now so I think she is going to stay in tonight. It is 6:13 p.m. and Mom's not sure what to make for supper. Maybe waffels. Jonathan is trying to make a shelf to put by his bed but the hard aspen wood is not easy to work with. Part of the shelf split.

You can probably guess that I don't have much else to do. Today Jonathan and I played music for a while. Yesterday Paulett and Steve came and we got ready to order seeds. Dad went to town yesterday too after getting the car started by putting hot coals from the wood stove under the car. He got a magnetic block heater in town.

I guess that's about all,