Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm still here!

Hello there!

Today it was around 70 degrees which was nice because for the last week it has been in the mid 90s. Today we moved our electric wire to a new spot for the goats because they had cleared out the previous area that we had set up. Yesterday it was David's 7th birthday! It doesn't seem like that long ago when he was only three.

Right now Mom is making raspberry jam and I can smell it from 25 feet away. The gardens are producing a lot. When our cousins were here we picked and shelled lots of peas. The total of shelled peas was 5 gallons. If any of you know how long it takes to shell any amount of peas you know how much work it is to shell 5 gallons of peas.

My brothers like taking pictures of their toy trucks.

A review of the week after the country living skills workshops.

The day after the country living skills day we played our music at the Bottineau Gospel Music Festival and that went really good just before it started my grandparents and cousins arrived from New Hampshire. We had a good time with them. They stayed a week and we went swimming with them, tought them to shoot, went to the Peace Gardens and had a real nice time. That was only the second time I had met my cousins.

I guess I'll go now. My brothers want me to ride bike over some of the jumps they made


Friday, July 07, 2006


I haven't written for quite a while now so I thought I should write a little more to update everybody. We have a irrogation systom up and running. It is a 1 1/2 inch pipe running up the hill to our farthest garden and then off of that there is 1 inch branches that can reach to the whole garden. Steve let us use his rainbird sprinklers and it is so nice to have them pouring water over the garden and us not having to do any thing exept move them once in a while. A couple of nights ago Jonathan and I were sleeping in our army surplus two man tent and Selah who was tied up by the chicken tractor started barking wildly so I got up and went over there. At first I couldn't find anything wrong but then I saw somthing that I thought was a turtle. I went closer and it ran faster so I went in front of it and it stopped. That was when I got a good look at it. It was a muskrat! I wonder why it was by our chicken coop insted of in it's pond!

Right now I am sitting in our hot house with a little fan blowing on me and missing out on the first part of Steve's "Primitive Living Skills" workshop over at Paulette's in the woods. Last night I started getting a stomach ache and sickish and so this morning I took a shower and am feeling almost back to normal but a little tired. We might end up going over to Paulette's later on today if we (Jonathan is feeling about the same as me) feel better.

This morning the turkeys were out because the wind had blown the cover of the pen off and they were walking around peeping. The are about 8-10 inches tall now and have got their feathers. I did all the chores this morning because Jonathan wasn't feeling up to it.

The gardens have grown and we have been eating peas, carrots, little potatoes, a couple tomatoes, spinach, and a little lettuce. Dad got the semi wired up now and so there is a light switch that turnes on lights all the way to the back. Now we can have more of a real shop! Having lighting in there makes us want to have it more cleaned up and it makes it more shoplike. It's getting hotter.

(I feel like swimming)