Sunday, January 12, 2014

Geneva Bible

I wanted to thank Dad and Mom heartily for a Christmas gift that each of us boys recently received.  It is a leather bound edition of the 1599 Geneva Bible!  I was reading it this morning and one of the reference notes stood out to me as a good highlight of the theme of the study Bible.  It is under Psalm 128:1 and reads, "God approveth not our life, except it be reformed according to his word." 
The Geneva Bible is unique because it was translated before the King James Version, and was the first study Bible ever printed for common people.  It was the first Bible to have chapter and verse markings, and the commentary beneath the text was written by the Reformers pass along "true religion" by assisting you in understanding the text (Mt 13:19).  It is helpful to know this same study Bible was carried over to America by the Pilgrims and formed the basis of their thinking when forming America as a Christian nation.

Have a good day!