Thursday, December 03, 2009


Not too much to say right now. Last night we took a few quarters of deer out of the freezer to thaw so we left them upstairs in a safe place to keep the mess out of the kitchen until we were ready to cut it up. We brought it all down this morning but none of it was soft enough to process. It was about 45 degrees up there and apparently that wasn't warm enough, so we ended up leaving it on the kitchen table until this afternoon. I went to vacuum after lunch and was hoping that when I got home everybody else would have started cutting up venison without me and would be almost done! When I got home Jonathan was just sharpening knives and the meat was still a little stiff so we got going late. We finished doing what we had thawed out a little while ago. It is about 9:00 pm now. We will do some more tomorrow.


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