Saturday, December 12, 2009



Yesterday was a little bit warmer than it was today but even though it was cold I was still able to get some things done outside. Yesterday Jonathan and I put together a head-holder for the cow down in the barn. I will post a few pictures when I have some to post. I was out in the shop today starting to work on making a few furniture puzzles but it was getting dark and really cold so I had to quit for the day. Jonathan put the topper on the back of the truck this afternoon and this time we bolted it on because last time we had it on truck we used small C clamps and they ended up bending so we couldn't unscrew them anymore. Bolts should work better.

Every time I'm outside I am usually wearing all of these:

-my insulated bibbed overalls,

-my navy blue carhartt hat,

-my polar king work jacket given to me from my Uncle,

-my new Gemplar's waterproof insulated pigskin gloves,

-and my extreme cold U.S. army issue "mickey mouse" boots.

Even with all that on sometimes I get cold when the wind is blowing hard!


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