Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to work...

Hello again,

We had a fun few days with my Uncle and Aunt who drove out here from Minnesota on Monday. They live a few miles down the road from where my grandparents live where Mom grew up in Carlton MN. We played games with them and visited mostly. They hadn't been here since the upstairs of the house was just being shelled in so there was a lot to show them around the farm.
Today I had to go to Metigoshe ministries to vacuum again after going yesterday and I will need to go tomorrow also. They had an event called "Nights of Christmas" held there and there was a lot of stuff for me to vacuum up and sweep off the kitchen floor. There is quite a few spruce trees set up in the church sanctuary that are always dropping needles on the floor so today I used the shop-vac to clean up all of them.

We had the snowplow come up and plow us out (finally) but he didn't get it plowed all the way up to the house so we had to blow the snow for a driveway to get the car down to the front door.

Milking the cow has been getting easier now that my hands are getting used to it. Sandy has been giving us about 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 gallons each time. I'm still slow at milking her (not fast enough for it to foam) and it's been taking me about an hour to strip her out. We are getting about a quart of cream off of each one gallon jar that has been sitting for 12 hours. We haven't made ice cream yet but we've been using our own butter. This afternoon Mom made a batch of simple soft cheese that we tried melting on pizza for supper. Taste was perfect! I got the first pieces because I had to go milk.
You can't beat the taste of pizza made with pizza sauce made with homegrown tomatoes, crisp crust made with (mostly) freshly ground whole wheat, locally grown organic beef and fresh homemade cheese!

I guess it's time to go to bed now so I will be done with this blog post...

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Nice Blog Peter.

As they say on Face Book " I like it".

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