Friday, March 31, 2006

The winter is not over yet!

Hi there,

Last night Samson didn't bark (I'm glad) so we all slept pretty good and woke up to a sunny day outside. I was cleaning up the front part of our house (we call it that because our house is all one room with the bathroom closed off with a curtain)this morning and there was a pile of garbage there so I took it out and noticed that all the barrels were full (we only have two barrels for burning and the other two go to the dump in town) and since they were full I decided to burn it. The burn barrel is across the field to the NE and there was more garbage than what was in the barrels so I used the sled to haul the stuff over. That was at 9:00 a.m. and I after I burned the garbage I looked at the clock inside and it said 9:54 a.m. it might not be exactly right but it does take time to burn the garbage.

Last night as I wrote last post it was storming out and the rain was coming down pretty hard and what I didn't write was that we had heard thunder. At first we weren't sure and thought that it was our tarp flapping in the wind but then we heard it more and louder and were soon sure that it was thunder. We brought in Selah (because she is always scared of loud bangs like a rifle and when she was a puppy the first night that it stormed with thunder she was really scared and wanted to come in but we didn't let her in so she must have thought that something was out to get her and ran away and we couldn't find her until our neighbor called and said she had seen her) until the storm gone down and the thunder quit and then let her outside again. The rain turned to snow and then this morning there was about a half an inch of snow and a few 6 inch deep drifts. That soon melted away and created more mud and slush. It sounds like the dogs will bark tonight because we can hear the coyotes and when the dogs hear them they start to howl. A German Shepherd howl sounds kind of funny and Selah can howl almost like a coyote.

This afternoon I started making a wooden box but the problem is we don't have many scrap boards or even good boards but we did have a few left over scrap ash boards so I used those. I hope I'll sleep good tonight!


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