Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The pictures from last post

Here is the pictures that I couldn't get to work last night:

This is the first stamp that I made out of an eraser. One of the crossed swords broke off but it doesn't show until you stamp it. I added some pen to outline what was missing in the picture below. Here is what it looks like when you stamp it:

This is the second stamp I made. Here's what it looks like when it is stamped:

This is my third stamp, and this is what it looks like when it is stamped:

This one doesn't look the best but it works!

Today we went to Paulette's to work on her van. It was pretty muddy underneath the van, so we layed in a sled and worked that way. Most of the time was spent looking at the repair manual and trying to figure out what was wrong. We finally gave up after a lot of trying and put every thing back the same as when we started and are going to have Paulette bring it into town and have a "professional" look at it. Jonathan was at Metigoshe vacuuming so it was just me and Dad working at Paulette's.

Today I made David and I holders for our swords out of cans. I took a can and cut out the bottom and the top, crushed it into an oval shape and used duct tape (the tape that works for everything) to hold on a rope for a loop to put your belt through. Now David has it on his belt all the time and says if any robbers come he will take care of them with his sword!

It is another nice day today. The snow is almost gone :-) But the mud has gotten worse :-( Mom is not feeling real good and Andrew is kind of sick feeling too. I have gotten over it (the cold/flu pretty much. I am glad that you can't get pass germs through the computer and through the phone! If you could I probably wouldn't blog or call anybody, and nobody would read my blog! It is nice having the sun coming in the windows like this while I am at the computer. It is a lot nicer than last winter when we didn't have any windows at all except for the door. That was not so nice. I hope that the nice weather continues and the mud dries up! I'm looking forward to spring! Also, I saw my first geese this morning when I was feeding the dogs!!!



Anonymous said...

Good pictures Peter.

Enjoyed reading what you did today.

What are you using for ink?

Love you

Gp B

Peter Bartlett said...

I am using Dad's ink pad for ink. I have one of my own that I can't find :-(