Sunday, March 05, 2006


The Kenneys didn't come today. The weather put them off for another day. It was really snowy and on the melting point, not a good combination.

This afternoon we had to go to Paulette's to pull out her friend who had to pick up her cat. It took quite a bit to pull a car up a icy hill. After we tried going faster and that did it (thankfully). We went slow on the way back to keep track of the lady that had gotten stuck, but we got out to the highway okay. I'm still looking forward to seeing the Kenneys and going to the homeschool convention. Samson hasn't been sniffing Selah any more. I don't know if it is because he has already mated or if it is just because Selah is not in heat. I'll might write but I might be too busy to write before the homeschool convention. We'll see!


Here's some pictures of my battle ship game that you print out and draw the ships on.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice work with the game Peter. It looks professional! D