Friday, March 03, 2006


Today it snowed a bunch and so we had to shovel and snowblow. Mom went to town with Paulette, and Paulette didn't want to come up the driveway to get her so Mom and Jonathan (Jonathan had to vacuum) went down our ~1/4 mile driveway to her. David (6) really wanted to use the snowblower and so Dad said he could if somebody was watching him. I was the one to watch him. He didn't get much done but he enjoyed it! Then I took a turn snowblowing to the semi trailer after him.

When Mom came home she was going to walk back up to the house but she had some groceries and Paulette didn't want to drive her car up our hill, so Dad took the van down there with us pulled behind in the big blue sled. You had to shift back and forth to keep upright when the sled was going fast but it was fun. When Paulette left going back to her place she was going up the last hill near highway 43 and slid into the ditch. The grader was right behind her and tried to help dig her out with a spade until we came. Five of us got out and pushed and she backed out into the road again. The grader had turned around to try to help her and then in order to get back on track he had to turn around. It's amazing how long graders are but are still able to turn around on a small dirt road!

After all that I had to go to the old house to get the pull cord that broke on the snowmobile and give it to dad to find another one or look at the prices in town. When I came back I helped Jonathan with grain grinding. We have a grain mill that the Hendersons gave us but the only thing that isn't the best is that it shoots some grain dust around. We fixed that problem by putting a rubbermade container behind were the dust flies. We got two bags of grain done. Each bag was a one gallon bag. Quite a lot happens in one day! More happens in some than others.


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Lynn said...

Thanks for keeping everyone up on our happenings, Peter. I just haven't had time to write anything down. You sure are busy! Love, Mom