Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The green is showing!!! and more...

Hi there,

The weather is now very nice (about 65-70 degrees) except for last night when it thundered and stormed with rain but now it is all dry. We went to Paulette's today and helped transplant little baby plants into other containers to be farther apart from each other. We (Andrew and I) had a good time and got a pretty good amount done and Andrew helped Steve bring them down to the attached green house by his cabin. A few days ago we came over and put the plastic sheeting on the hoop house (a green house that is about 40 feet long and gets VERY hot in the sun) and so that is all done and ready after the ground is tilled inside to plant the little plants in it. I have been seeing little shoots of grass coming up in the open places and it is nice to see some green again after the winter/mud.

This afternoon we had a little scary adventure with the burn barrel and fire extinguisher. I was the one that noticed that the smoke from the burn barrel was spreading farther out into the field. Earlier in the afternoon Jonathan had brought the garbage over across the field and burned it all but it must have been before it was completely burned a piece of burning garbage fell out and started the dry grass on fire. We have a metal screen that we put over the barrel when it gets going and all the garbage is in and then the burning pieces can't fly out in the wind. Today it was windy and the rain that had fallen the night before was dry by the afternoon so the piece of burning garbage that fell out started a fire that spread about 25 yards and had spread side ways about 10 feet. I was the first one to run over there and I started trying to stamp out the worst parts and then when Dad and Jonathan came and helped but it wasn't doing much and that is when Jonathan mentioned "fire extinguisher" and then ran to get one. He got the one from near the wood stove and on the way told Mom about the fire and she got buckets of water in the van and drove out to help. When she got there Dad had used the extinguisher and gotten most of the fire out and the buckets were just used to make sure the fire wasn't going to start up on us again. I had gotten the metal rake and was beating out the flame and scratching up the ground and the little flame that was left was out. I'm glad it didn't spread any farther than what it did! Lots of exiting things happen around here.

I've been doing Samson's training sessions regularly now and he is improving. I have got him to do heel really good with the leash and without the leash he kind of moves away when I turn to the right. We are all still recovering from being sick. It is mostly the cough now and a little of the runny noses. It has been staying light now about until 9:00 p.m. which is nice to have more time outside in the evening. This morning we went to sawmill lumber to think out our house plans and look at lumber, siding, roofs... The man there will be giving us an approximate price list for when we order lumber. Glad spring is here!


A few pictures of the fire:

The burn barrel and a few buckets included.Part of the area burned.

This was the direction the wind was blowing and the fire was spreading. If we didn't stop it it could have burned down those trees and everything behind it. Glad it didn't happen!


Jonathan said...

I'm sure glad you noticed it when you did!

Anonymous said...

So am I.

That could have ben serious.

Good job reporting in your story Peter. Was wondering when you were going to blog again.

Gp B

Now to read Jonathans story.

Grammy B. said...

Hi Peter - I'm just getting caught up with your blogs. Thanks for sharing pictures of your latest adventure; your description of what happened was very well written.

Glad to hear you are working on training Samson.

I like the stamp you made with an eraser, what a good idea. As you know I enjoy doing stamp art.

Keep the blogs coming - I look forward to reading them. Love, Grammy B.