Saturday, March 04, 2006



I woke up this morning to a bright bedroom. It was sunny out and we hadn't shut the shade (we don't usually do it any way). It is kind of fun sleeping in my bunk. I have the top bunk and Jonathan has the bottom bunk. We went to the old house and fixed the pull cord. We had to take off the recoil and unwind it. There was a short piece of cord that we had to get out but that wasn't a problem. Dad lit a fire in the woodstove and we warmed up our hands near it. It seemed like it warmed up faster in the cabin, but may be it was because it wasn't as cold outside as other days. After the snowmobile got going (which didn't take much because we had covered it up really good) we had some rides and brought our stuff back with it.

It was warm today with a south east wind. The weather must have blown from Florida where our Grand parents are visiting. They say it is pretty warm down there in Florida! I made a battle ship game for on paper on the computer and then printed it out. I haven't tried it yet but I think it would work. It seems like the week flew by and is gone!!! The Kenneys are supposed to come tomorrow if the weather is good, and the homeschooll convention is in five days. I hope the Kenneys will make it!



Anonymous said...

Glad you got the s/m going. Good thing to have when company is coming.

Must seem good to have a mild day once in a while.

We will be anxious to hear how the convention went when you get home.

Maybe the hotel will have a pool.

Take care.

Love Gp B

Grammy B. said...

Glad the warmth from Florida has traveled northwest :-) It is beautiful out this morning with sunshine, birds singing and flowers in bloom.

We will look forward to hearing from you after the convention.

Love, Grammy B.