Monday, March 27, 2006

My rubber stamps


It was another nice day today and it snowed a little in the morning but then it cleared up into a really nice day in the afternoon. In the morning I was thinking that it would be nice to have a stamp out of rubber for our army when we use our swords and use our symbol for the design, so I started out by trying to cut some rubber off an old tire to use but I was starting from the inside of the ring out. It didn't cut very well with a jack knife because there is a metal ring around that area. I tried using a electric recipricating saw with the hack saw bit in it but I couldn't get it to cut! After several trips to the semi for other tools, I just stabbed the tire with my jack knife and cut out a square of rubber about an inch and a half square. After drawing the design that I wanted onto the piece of rubber I found out that I couldn't carve on that type of rubber very well. We studyed on the computer and found that a website said to use an eraser insted of using rubber. I found an eraser that was big enough and worked at it until I had carved out a stamp. I will have to post again later with the pictures because the computer is not letting me put any pictures onto my blog (sorry). It might have to be tomarrow some time. I made two other stamps after I had more practice and I will put pictures of them onto the blog when the computer lets me later.

Also today I got Jonathan to make a sword out of wood and so we have been playing sword fights. We mostly do it slow motion because we don't want anybody to get hurt. I made a shield out of wood but it is pretty rough looking and it seems like it is about to break all the time when I use it. I also have some pictures of it but since the computer won't let me put them on I guess you will have to wait untill tomarrow for those.

I'll write later.



Anonymous said...

Making your own stamp sounds interesting.

Those tires do cut awfully hard.

You have to be very aaware that a knife in a tire under pressure from you pushing it or pulling it
can slip and jab into your hand.

If you silicone the area it may go a little easier but not thru steel thats on the inside. I Suggest not doing it because of the danger involved. The eraser is the way to go.

Ok thats the lesson for today.

You must be feeling better by the sound. Glad for that.

Hows the dog today, sore I bet.

Have fun.

Love you

Gp B

Peter Bartlett said...

I made sure that I was using my locking jack knife insted of my regular pocket knife that doesn't lock. I will have to be more carefull next time I cut rubber.


maverick said...

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