Friday, March 17, 2006

Quite a lot happened!


I haven't written for quite a while because I wasn't feeling good. I started out with the flu (throwing up, tired...) and then it turned into a cold (not fun at all) and I am still recovering from sickness and all the fun we had at the homeschool convention. The Kenneys came a few days before it started and we played around and did some snowmobiling with them. We took them to the big steep hill and played some king of the mountain and then after we got cold and tired went back to the house (then we went to Metigoshe Ministries for supper and to visit with them.

The next day (the 7th of March) the Kenneys left for Minot in the afternoon. Dad, Andrew and I left the left the day after and we went to the hotel (Holiday Inn) where the convention was to be held and where the Kenneys were staying. Andrew and I helped with some stuffing of bags for the convention the next day (we did about 500-550 bags!). Mom and my two other brothers came the next day (the 9th) and so we helped them unload. We take a lot when we go, at least it fills a whole vehicle! The keynote speaker spoke that night at about 8:00 and so we didn't get to bed untill late.

The next two days were fun looking at other vendors booths and we helped with passing out the baskets for the offering. We played music at the Friday music time and that went good. At least I didn't make any big mistakes with the guitar :-) ! Saturday was just plain because I had seen all the booths and I was really tired from the day before but I stayed up long enough to enjoy the day as much as I could. There was a fellowship time in the evening and I would have rather gone to bed than to that but I survived!

The next morning I got up with a sore throat and then it turned into the flu. We had gone with the Kenneys to the restaurant in the hotel and I had some bacon and eggs and yogurt, and when we got back to our house and that is when I started throwing up and getting really tired. So now I have been just resting and taking it easy waiting for the sickness to pass. I forgot to say that the old archtop guitar that I had been playing, broke. We can fix it but on one of the tuning peg gears the tooth is wore down so it couldn't grip well. We kind of traded and got a new guitar from our friend who had the guitar at the homeschool convention and so I am using that right now. It is nice having a guitar that you can tune! Write more later.



Anonymous said...

Good blog Peter. Well written.

Glad you are getting better.

How did you get the bass home? It must have taken up a lot of space.

Its great to here about all the fun you guys have jaming and meeting other people.

Being away like that makes home look good,dosen't it. Especially when you your not feeling well.

Can't wait to here that bass in one of your songs. Also the gutar.

Love Gp B

Peter Bartlett said...

We had to have the previous owner take the bass home. We weren't able to get it into the vehicle.