Sunday, March 26, 2006

Our adventure today


I think the blogging has worn off. It's not new to me any more. I just haven't been feeling like doing any posting on my blog. Yesterday Dad and Jonathan came home from being in Jamestown ND at a big conference there. It is nice to have Dad home again. I don't know what we would have done this morning with out him when Samson got pricked full of porcupine quills.

I was outside and called for the dogs and they came running from the back of the house near the semi, I praised them a lot and then noticed that Samson's nose and mouth were full of pocupine quills. I got his collar and brought him to the door (that always blows open when it is windy and it was windy today so I didn't have to open that door because it was open already) and then opened the door and let him into the house and called for Dad. He was on the phone talking to one of the Grandparents and so he hung up and came to see what he could do. Mom got her nice sewing scissors (pretty much the only scissors we own that are sharp) and Dad cut off the ends of the quills. I don't know if that is what we should have done or not, but we did it! By then Samson was licking and waving his head trying (hard) to get the quills out by himself but of couse he couldn't so we had to. We got a pair of pliers and, holding Samson's head, began pulling the quills out, one by one until all there was was about 10 or so quills in his mouth, and only one stuck in his nose. We finally after trying a bunch of different ways to get him to stay still, had to tackle him down onto his side and hold him there while we pulled them out. He didn't like it very much! Now he seems to be fine. He is playing just as rough with Selah as before he got pricked and she is just as tired of him as before.

I made me and my two other brothers swords. My sword is the biggest but most ugly looking. I made it out of an old board that I tore off a rotten board. It is not as bad as it sounds:

We also kind of made up a symbol that we put on our swords. It looks like this:

Here is a thing that I carved out of wood this afternoon:

Those are Andrew's and David's swords in the picture. Here's some better pictures:

This is Andrew's sword.

This one is David's one. He wanted his smooth so he sanded his more than the one I made for Andrew.

The last three days have been pretty windy but the wind is from the south and it is warm. May be I will still get back into blogging.


P.S. Here is a better picture of what I carved:


Jonathan said...

Let's hope Samson doesn't get into any more porcupines. I like the swords!

Anonymous said...

I sure like to read your blogs Peter! Dad

Chris s. said...

Hi Peter!
I had to let you know that my brothers got really excited after they saw the pictures and are wanting me to make them shields with a carving like yours. It turns out that they were making swords and bows this morning and Levi says they live a "Thousand years ago" The tree house is their castle but Luke fell out of it so I guess he was conquered.
We enjoy your blog!

Grammy B. said...

Peter, we sure enjoy reading your blogs -- keep them coming.

Poor Samson - it must have hurt both having the porcupine swat him and you guys pulling them out. Your Great Grandpa Chagnon had lots of experience with pulling quills from our dogs on the farm and he didn't cut them off. I think he felt he could get a better grip leaving them long. We'll have to check online for the proper procedure should you need to do it again.

Your carving is great -- on Thursday they will be having a display of what the people here have carved this winter. Maybe Grandpa can get some pictures. Love, Grammy B.