Thursday, March 30, 2006



It is another dreary day today. I woke up and looked outside and it was foggy, misting, muddy, and windy. Sometimes when it has been warm and is windy the puddles of water that are on the roof splash off and gets the front area all wet. Our roof is a ~30' x 40' tarp, that is why the water blows off when the wind makes the tarp rise. We have square bales of hay for insulation in the roof so we just covered them with the tarp. Last winter we had fiberglass insulation inside in the floor joists and the roof leaked (because there wasn't enough hot weather for the tar to seal the rolled roofing properly) and the insulation got wet and we had to take it outside and then it got all messy so we couldn't use it. In case your wondering we (Dad, Jonathan, Andrew, David, Uncle Mark and I) built our house by ourselves except for the cement. We had a contractor do that part. Later on we met Steve (mountain fire keeper) and he has a skid steer (bobcat is the company) so he helped us a lot like clearing trees for firewood, leveling our yard, making rock retaining walls, lending us his log splitter, helping us stack square bales, and a lot more! We are very thankful to have his help around when we need it. He has been a very helpful neighbor to have near.

Yesterday I made a wooden knife out in the semi (we use the semi as our shop/storage place) and it has a hand guard so I might be able to get some pictures of it some time other than this. It is about 10 inches long and I drew on our symbol with the crossed swords. The wind seems to be picking up and the rain is getting harder. I would like if it would clear up and get nicer out.



mountainfirekeeper said...

HI Peter!

I'm looking forward to seeing your wooden swords and knives! They look really interesting in the pics that you've posted.

Thanks for the compliments! The work will balance itself out---I've got a long list of things you all can help me with this summer!

The rain is shrinking the snow really quickly! I'm afraid of all the ice damage this rain may cause as the temps drop. I already see ice building up on the tree branches. If it turns colder and continues to rain, we are going to get a lot of damage to the trees and possibly the power lines.

Hope your family is ready for the power to go out tonight!

Best wishes! Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Good Blog Peter.

Cheer up Spring always comes after winter. (or at least it used to).

Did I catch a coment about a hand rail into the semi?
If I did, I am glad to here it.

Yes, Steve has certanly been a huge help for your family, What a great friend. Paulete is equaly a great friend and neighbor, she sure has a wealth of information on survival in the remote.

Keep up the good work.

WE are proud of you.

Love you

Gp B