Tuesday, February 28, 2006



It was really warm today. About in the 30s. Snowball weather is what we call it at our house. Jonathan went to vacuum at Metigoshe Ministries and Mom had to go to Cindy's to pick up a box that she had for us. It turned out that she gave us: hamburgers, corn dogs, cheese sticks, all the stuff that we shouldn't eat. We had the corndogs and the cheese sticks for supper tonight. Very yummy, but I couldn't eat a lot of that type of stuff. I think I would get sick, we do not eat like that very much. Later on we went to Paulette's to work on her van and try to change the spark plugs. We found out that you have to lower the engine from under the van in order to get the wrench into it. The van is a 91 Previa with the engine under and in between the two front seats (very wired). I hear it is supposed to be rough outside tomorrow, mid 20s according to the weather man. We'll see!



Anonymous said...

Good to hear the temp is up.

Good luck with the spark plug removal.

Sounds like the engineer who designed that area needs some home schooling.

Maybe some one will read your blog and respond with a better sugestion as to how to get that plug out.

Good night

Gp B

Amariah and Zephaniah said...

We dont like to eat much of corndogs either! Thanks for letting us know what the weather is like! We sure would like snowball weather right about now! It was 82 degrees today!

Amariah and Zephaniah(two former dakotans):)

Amariah and Zephaniah said...

OH, yeah. Our mom is mybelovedismine.

Anonymous said...

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