Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Heat Exchanger

We got our heat exchanger going now and we have had the electric water heater turned off for three days. We have had all the hot water we want, but sometimes when the wood stove isn't going very good we don't get really hot water (that doesn't happen very much because we have got the fire going all night thanks to Steve's help). Last night we had four showers and we didn't run out of hot water. It works!

Tonight we are going to Paulette's house to have supper with another family and wait to get our Azure Standard order (that is coming at 9:00 p.m. tonight). I am still waiting for a (late birthday present) package with my white winter camouflage in it. It was supposed come on the 27th of last month but it wasn't there (I don't know why).

We have been walking the dogs through the sheep's pen and we think that Selah was the problem with biting the sheep because they are all scared of her and not Samson. The dogs are getting better and haven't got in with the sheep. I'm glad!



Grammy B. said...

Glad to hear your system to heat water is working.

Also, to know you are working with the dogs and that they are getting better with the sheep.

Dr Bartlett said...

Nice post Peter. We are saving $70 per month with this arrangement. It cost about that to put it into place, therefore we breakeven in about one month. My favorite new hobby is turning on the hot water, just to see it run and think about not paying for it. Imagine, $70 x 12 months x 10 years = $8400. That would be enough to buy materials to build a small house!


Lynn said...

Good job, Peter, on your posting. This gives everyone an idea of what we have been doing. Keep at it! Love, Mom