Saturday, February 25, 2006

Our steep snow hill

Today we went to our bee boxes and went sliding on the steep hill that is behind them. Jonathan brought the digital camera so we could take pictures. We discovered the place when we went to fix the boxes the time before, but we hadn't finished them then. It was about 45 degrees of an angle for most of the way down but in some places it was vertical. We had a lot of fun sliding, digging, playing king of the hill and throwing snowballs at each other. One of the games we played was you had to get from the bottom of the hill to the top, but if you fell back down, or retreated then you were out. Jonathan and Andrew were at the bottom and David and I were at the top. We had brought a spade for digging in the snow and I grabbed it and I was throwing loose snow on top of them. A lot of the loose snow went down their backs and since there wasn't many snowballs at the top because they all had been thrown the loose snow worked best. At the almost the end of the game I found about a two foot round snowball and when I threw it Jonathan fell to the bottom (I probably would have too!). It is hard to get up the hill as most of the hill is vertical or almost vertical and you have to carve out foot holds and hand holds in order to get anywhere. If you want to see the other pictures that we took go to Adventures of a Turtle Mtn. Hillbilly or click here . Here's a picture of me and Samson:


Lynn said...

Looks like Samson is definitely your dog -- he follows you all around! Good job on the blogging. I should have been there to see all the fun! Love, Mom

Jonathan said...

Next time, YOU will be the one falling down the hill, hit by a big snowball!

It was a lot of fun, wasn't it.

Anonymous said...

Good blog Peter.

You sure have a pretty dog there.

I bet he has as much fun as you guys do.

I assume Sela is on the scean also.

Gp B

Peter Bartlett said...

Actually Selah was in the house because She is in heet and we don't want Samson mating her so we keep them separated.


Grandpa W said...

Keep up your blog, we check all of them coming from North Dakota. I am sure that Samson is your dog, he will be your friend for life.

Grandpa W

Grammy B. said...

Great picture of you and Samson, Peter. Reminds me of one I have of me and our standard Poodle Suzy sitting on a snowbank in Concord.

We enjoy your blogs - keep them coming. Love, Grammy B.