Saturday, February 11, 2006

Guess What?

The guitar that we have is electric! We didn't notice it until now but there is a plug-in on the place where the strap hooks on, and also noticed that there is a wire inside.

This afternoon it was really nice (nice enough to get all my snow stuff wet!) and we did some more snowmobiling. I had tried to go from one field to another field on the power line clearing but I got stuck about half way through. The snow was about three feet high and the snowmobile sunk half way through the snow and only showed about 16 inches of the hood(but of course I didn't measure exactly because I forgot to bring a tape measure :-). It took a quite a while to try to get the snow out of under the machine I pushed and got out (thankfully). We also found some drifts to go over with the snowmobile, you would go up about a three foot drift go down the other side up another drift, curve to the right go past the chipper of Steve's and go as fast as you could and then bump up the last drift.

After a while we got tired of snowmobiling we started (only started) digging some tunnels in a four foot snow drift, I got WET!



Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

Enjoyed hearing about the snow activities.

How much snow did you get from the last storm? Must be hard to tell with all the drifting.

Gp B

Lynn said...

I could see you in my mind as I read your post. You do a good job, Peter! Love, Mom

mountainfirekeeper said...

Hi Peter!

I can just imagine how fluffy the snow was that you tried to snowmobile thru. That's a funny image but I bet you didn't think it was very funny at the time.

I went out snowshoeing in the fluff today. I got into some 3 foot drifts of fluff where I sunk in about half way. Good thing I had 2 ski poles to help me keep my balance otherwise I could easily have fallen and gotten 'stuck' myself.

Have you ever tried to stand up again after falling into that deep of snow? Not easy at all!!! I'd have had to crawl out of the drift and found a tree or something to help pull myself back up. The ski poles sure helped but weren't long enough. I neverconsidered that the snowshoes kept me part way up on the snow but the poles sank almost to the bottom of it.

This was the first time I went out snowshoeing using ski poles. I would definitely recommend them while snowshoeing if a person is out breaking trail in light, fluffy snow.

Hope you all are having a great time playing in the snow!

Benjamin said...

Hi Peter,
I must have forgotten to tell you about the pick-up on that guitar I gave you- I had only had the guitar for a couple of months when I wanted to amplify it. I purchased a kit at a guitar shop in Grand Forks. I had to grind down the bridge peice to fit the little microphone underneath without raising the strings too high. Anyway, it always worked really good for me at least- no control over volume and tone on the instrument, but it got the job done :^).
Glad you're enjoying it still.

Anonymous said...

Hey was just rolling thru wanted to let ya know ya got a cool blog here Nice Job.