Friday, February 17, 2006

Did you know?

Mom was looking at a website (CNN) and noticed a title "fast food ice dirtier than toilet water". We didn't look at it as we were just about to eat supper, and didn't feel like reading anything to hurt out digestive system's feelings.

It was another hot day today, highs reaching 10 below zero F. The dogs were shivering some until it the sun got a little higher. We had Selah in the house a little bit but not Samson because he is a little bulky, and when he is in something gets moved or knocked over.

We, my brothers and I, have been sending Lego rockets to Mars and having fun using Legos and having missions on other planets (the planets being our living room). Our desks are full of different pieces that are going to be manufactured into rockets, space probes, or satellites.

I have been making a game on Microsoft Power Point (a slide show program) where you have different links to go to different slides. For example: there is a scene of trees and a stream going through it. You have a choose of going, left, right, or straight. It you click a little box it brings you to another scene that is black. If you click next you see a bear and other animals eyes looking at you, and then you have to go back to the beginning and re-start and try a different way. Its really fun making it!

A few minutes ago we had to open the door (the windows were frozen) because the bottom door on the wood stove, the one that the ash pan is in, had allot of smoke (allot!) coming out. There must have been a back draft of some sort. We've got most of the smoke out and both the dogs in. Talk to you later.



Anonymous said...

Wow Peter you sure find plenty to blog about. I find it very interesting.

Sure is cold out there.

I would think you would have to bring in both dogs in in that fridgid weather.

The game sounds like fun. Have you thought about marketing it on line.

Have a good week end.

Gp B

mybelovedismine said...

I know you don't know who I am I found your blog through Homestead Herbs/Homestead Maiden's blog site. I used to live in ND, so I enjoy hearing about life up there. I sure do miss the 10 below days and ALL THAT SNOW! Enjoy life up there because you are surely blessed!

Lynn said...

Peter, I'm glad you are blogging, you do a good job of sharing what you do during the day! Love, Mom

Dr Bartlett said...

"Alot" the way you used it is spelled a-l-o-t. But allot is a word which means:

"To parcel out; distribute or apportion: allotting land to homesteaders; allot blame.
To assign as a portion; allocate: allotted 20 minutes to each speaker."

I use a-l-o-t when I am not sure of how to spell a word. You can also hear the pronunciation for each word there too.

Great post Peter, I love the way you express the details! Writing about our accidental smoke filled house does sound more interesting and exciting than I was previously thinking!

You have a beautiful way with words and I like the way you elaborate on the details.

Keep up the good work!


Grammy B. said...

Great job, Peter. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

mybelovedismine said...

Your blog has been a real encouragement to my daugher who is 10 (and her 4 brothers)and misses ND terribly. Thank you writing about all your adventures. Our whole family enjoys your mom's, you and your brother's blogs.