Saturday, February 18, 2006

The deep dark dungeon

Today it was about just as cold as yesterday. And we had Selah in all last night, because she was cold. I wrote some about our adventures this afternoon!

We went to our old log cabin (I don't know if I have talked about it before, but it is an old Norwegian cabin and has aspen logs that are cut square on the sides. Must have taken a lot of work to make) to venture into the unknown deep pit, under the cabin walls. Upon entering into the cabin I lit a fire to cheer up our spirits and to give warmth to our bodies as we slowly climbed down the steep ladder into the dungeon. Lighting our lantern we put a nail into a rotting beam of rough wood beside the single post that held up the the entire cabin floor. Looking around we found that the walls had shed a layer of clay/dirt the floor had quite a pile of dirt about two feet high. We decided to try to undertake the task of removing the dirt bucket by bucket. We stopped for a short break and some pictures of the laboring task that was at hand, not knowing what lay before us.

Returning to our work my older brother stuck his spade into the loose clay and to his surprise found a (read Adventures of a Turtle Mtn. Hillbilly, his blog to find out what he found) in the front of a earth dwelling animals den. Startled by seeing this we all thought maybe we should get the gun, of which was .22 caliber, and keep watch while we continued with our work. After a while we noticed a strange creature wriggling in the five gallon pail. A monster about the size of a fist with an ugly appearance, rubberish skin, long lashing tail, partially closed eyes, a slimy gum coming out of the skin, but the creature was moving slow much to our advantage, for if it was the any bigger or the size of an alligator it would be the terror of the woods.*


*It was only a three inch long salamander. Pretty yucky looking.


Anonymous said...

Sounds scarey down there.


Anonymous said...

Glad you sur
vived! Great expository writing. Dad