Monday, February 27, 2006


Hi there,

We got some recording done. Go to and click the music part and you will see that we recorded Rawhide (a traditional bluegrass song) and John Henry (another bluegrass song). Tonight dad tried making charcoal out of a hot glowing coal. We'll see if it works because he ground it up and put it in a glass of water and GULP down it went. I have been taking charcoal because our friends that are coming up for the North Dakota Homeschool convention (find out more at and they are sick. I don't want to get sick so I have been taking store bought charcoal. It isn't very bad tasting but just a gritty taste. I think that the stuff we made was a little more gritty than the stuff you buy. I finished my little sculpture today. It doesn't have any arms because I had made his body just as wide as the original stick and then there wasn't any room for the arms to stick out. It's hard to get any thing to stick out because you have to carve everything else around it until it looks right. It was really cold and windy. When the wind would blow the snow would blow and when the snow would blow it would blow into your face and sting kind of like sand. It was worse in the middle of the field. Selah is acting a lot better. I don't know if it is because Samson had the chance to mate her or what? I'm trying to get my immunity up before we leave for the homeschool convention.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter Can't write much tonight, got to go the the music site to hear what you guys have been doing on the music side of your buzy life.

You did a god job with the words in this blog. You make us proud.

Gp B