Wednesday, February 01, 2006


This morning we almost finished our wooden guns, we still have to spray paint them. I made one that wasn't on the pictures before but it is bigger than all the rest.

I forgot to say that last night we (except Mom because we thought she might be getting sick) went to the Redding's new house and had supper there. We had: helped them move out of a house, into an apartment, shoveled out a basement with eight foot walls and it was 50 feet by thirty feet, out of an apartment, watched the new house put on the basement, and then finally we helped them move into the new house. After the meal which was really good we played some games.

This afternoon we were sliding some in the front of our house but most of our sleds and all cracked up from hitting trees and of course we hit the trees also! Last year we had a pole that would stick up and we would have to slid around it, but there was too many crashes so this year we cut it off under the level of the ground and put dirt over it. Without the pole there we go farther but just far enough to hit some piles of wood and a few trees. We have a big sled made out of tough fiberglass and with runners and that goes really fast! If you get going fast you can go right past the sheep barn and onto the lake. That is about the farthest we have gone without hitting anything.

After we got tired of sliding in the front of the house we went to the "big field" and went sliding there. It is steeper there and there isn't any trees to hit into. While we were there Andrew invented a way of sliding he calls "snomodiving" that is what he calls it and it is were you stand up in the big sled and hold onto the rope and see how far you can go. Most of the time you or at least me fall over on your face and thats were the diving part of "snomodiving" comes in. When I tried "snomodiving" the second time I fell over behind the sled and something must have caught on my snowpants and ripped the knee of the outer layer of cloth. I know what Mom will be doing and what I will be doing. Popcorn for supper and I'm getting hungry.


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Grammy B. said...

Nice story, well written Peter.

Good you have all those hills to slide down.

Gp B