Sunday, February 26, 2006


Last night we had Selah inside to keep her away from Samson while she is in heat. Se acts kind of funny when she is inside, nervous, gets scared easy, and just looks miserable. This afternoon Jonathan and I went outside while the other boys were doing dishes and were wondering what to do and so he suggested making a wooden face by carving in some aspen wood. Here's the results:

This is Jonathan's work of the day.

Here's mine.

Here they are together.

The side of mine.

See even he likes to blog!

After we were out and got cold, Dad decided to go out to cut down a dead elm tree for fire wood and so he brought out Selah to get some exercise. You have to keep a close (very very close, every second) eye on Samson or else he will try to mate her, and dad wasn't watching very closely and they just slipped away. I don't know if dogs will go running away if they are going to mate? Maybe one of you that comment on my blog know something about it. Anyway the dogs didn't come back for about two hours. While they were gone our friend Wendel Lund come over on his snowmobile and we visited for a quite a while. When I went out after Wendel had gone to call for the dogs they came running from around the house. I don't know were they were coming from. Sounds like Mountain Fire Keeper had some adventures! Click here to read Mountain fire Keeper's blog.


Anonymous said...

Guess you have your hands full with those dogs.

They dont give up very easy and you have to watch them.

I like your carvings. There a lot of books about carving. You must have one somewhere. I bet if you search the internet you will find
lots of info on how to do more.

I see your creation is already looking on the net, maybe trying to learn how to carve a boy.

Anonymous said...


Forgot to sign it.

Gp B

Benjamin said...

Hello Peter,
Looks like you're going to be the owner of a litter of puppies in a couple of months :^). Well, at least if you don't get selah spayed very soon (thats putting it mildly, lol). I'd call your vet in the near future if I were you. Your carvings look like a good start- is aspen easy to carve? We used to carve a lot of balsa and basswood when I was young.
Talk to you later,

Peter Bartlett said...

Aspen is pretty easy to carve. I think it getts harder to carve as it drys. We just decided to carve and we don't have any books on the subject. Thanks for the advice!


Grammy B. said...

Great carvings guys. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Is the elm tree going to be for firewood? Who is gonna split it? Good luck. Elm is one of the hardest splitting woods there is! But it burns good.

Peter Bartlett said...

We are using dead elm and dad said that he cut the big stuff short enough to split by hand with the maul.