Monday, January 30, 2006

Today and yesterday

Yesterday the Hendersons came and we went to the peninsula in the state land where we had gone before. We (Adam Henderson, Evan Henderson, Andrew my brother, David my brother, and I) got there first, and Dad, Mr. Henderson, and Jonathan were way behind. While we were there we tried lighting a fire with a rifle but it didn't work very well so we finally after trying using Jonathan's magnesium fire starter (the magnesium burned too fast and we were not able to get the sticks in the flame) we had to use a lighter and just for the experiment we lit gunpowder and that worked really well :-) Last night we had Steve and Paulette over for spaghetti. That was the best part of the day!

Today we recorded Blackberry Blossom, and it is on a web page because we couldn't find a way to let everybody see it. The web page is This afternoon Mom got my face mask fixed. The velcro would grab the lining and it started to tear. This afternoon we kind of played hide and go seek, David and I tried to find Andrew and Dad. Goodbye



Grammy B. said...

Hi Peter

Good job with the flatpicking. We enjoyed the pieces you did with Jonthan.

We figured out that Grandpa can use my Blogger ID to comment.

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