Thursday, January 26, 2006


Today we got a package from sportsman's guide (a company that sells army surplus supplys and allot more) and I had ordered some bunny boots and a warm face mask (camoflauge). Also Andrew and I bought a set of fifteen knifes (we gave one to dad) and they are all of assorted colors and sizes. Two of them look like they would be used in the special forces (and they are all black). Andrew and I split them up and gave a few away (or at least my brothers haven't paid for them).


P.S. I forgot to tell you that yesterday a guy from speedy delivery droped off a box and didn't bring it in the house (or even knock). Later we found out sort of unpleasedtly that he left it on the hood of our car and the dogs smelled the candy in it and chewed some things that were in it, only a pair of knit socks and ate some candy. Here's why mr. speedy got scared:

that is Samson (my dog)


mountainfirekeeper said...

LOL as if Samson is a bigm mean German Shepard!!!!!!

Sounds like we have a lot of knives to sharpen tomorrow!

Best wishes!

Grammy B. said...

Mr. Flatpicker - I just got to read all of your blogs - you are doing a great job.

Sounds as if the delivery person thought Samson to be a good watch dog. Too bad he got to the package before you did!

The description of your tree house was very detailed - I can just picture it.

How about Dad not having the proper clothing to help with getting the car unstuck!

I look forward to hearing more of the adventures of "Mr. Flatpicker".