Friday, January 27, 2006

My Birthday

I'm 12 (or almost 12, I will be 12 tonight at 11:00).

This morning I opened up my presents and I got: socks, long underwear, some money, (my favorite) an AK-47 bayonet, a nice guitar strap, a set of top and bottom winter camoflauge that is reversible to white with black streaks (that hasn't come yet), and from Selah and Samson I got (with Andrew's help) a bowl of dog treats, from my sheep I got some hay, from my cat Shem and David's cat Funny Face I got a bowl of cat food, and oh I forgot, from Dad I got a pichfork. A good combination of presents.

This afternoon Steve came over and we videoed some of how to sharpen knives. Also he gave me a handy waterproof covered survival book with a bunch of good ideas in it. My cake was bone shaped like a dog treat. I had a good birthday.

I'll put another post with some pictures of my knifes.


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mountainfirekeeper said...

Hi Peter!

I enjoyed your birthday as well. You should have birthdays more often!!! I obviously enjoyed your chocolate birthday cake!!!

The 'how-to' video that we made at your place turned out really good. I'll give you a copy as a late b-day present also.

Best wishes for another great year!