Saturday, January 21, 2006

Our Adventures In the Snow (and More)

Today we had some adventures on the icy road.

We were going to a friends house to work on some plumbing she had asked us to do. We had got as far as our neighbors the Lunds and dad was going not to fast and not to slow but we slid off into the ditch. Dad didn't have his snowpants (BAD) so Jonathan and I did the shoveling (good thing we had a shovel!) and we used some rugs and put them under the wheels to get more grip. We did some pushing and getting more and more onto the road until we finally got out! Then we went to work on the plumbing.

When we got there (She has a dog named Jake that isn't very friendly. He is only about 10 inches high, he is pretty brave for his size. He is shorter than one of her cats!) we started by moving her snowmobile and her washing machine. We will need more parts before we're finished.

Talk to you tomorrow


mountainfirekeeper said...

Hi there Peter!

Very interesting to be reading your thoughts and observations in your blog!

Evidently you Dad wasn't paying much attention during my presentation about winter survival gear for your vehicle. The first things a person should take with for winter survival gear is a pair of coveralls, hat, gloves, winter boots and a heavy coat. That even has a higher priority than having a shovel and a tow rope.

Good thing he had you guys along to rescue him!!!!

Best wishes for your continued adventures of blog writing!

Dr Bartlett said...

Regarding going into the ditch, the moral of the story is always travel with two sons that can use a shovel!