Sunday, January 22, 2006

Our Exploration

Hi there,

It was a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon today so we decided to go on a walk in the state forest that is next to our property.

We (Jonathan and I) brought our survival kits. They are US air force vests and mine has: water bottle, matches, compass, flashlight, emergency blanket, first aid kit, note book, pencil, poncho, whistle, fire starter, small gloves, knife, pliers, handkerchief, and a candy bar. We hiked about three miles on snowmobile trails to a lake that we thought was a good stopping place. Jonathan and I decided to take a look at a place we thought there might be a house. There shouldn't be anybody living on the state land. We carefully approached thinking somebody might think we looked suspicious because Jonathan had his rifle with him, I had a big walking stick, and we both were wearing army surplus equipment. It turns out that it looked like there had been a house there, there was an old junk pile and telephone wires with an old transformer on one of the poles. The place had a nice view with some trimmed spruce trees and a clearing. It probably was and is a party place.

Next to that there are two islands and the lake extends farther east. That lake is bigger than the lake we own. The two dogs followed us all the way. They also chased some snowmobiles until they were out of sight. We saw six snowmobiles total, and we hid from two of them :-)

Until next time good bye!


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Dr Bartlett said...

Well written news report. Much better than ABC or CNN!