Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nothing New


Not much happened today. This morning I helped my brother Andrew build a model castle out of paper. It is from a kit, and the men are about half an inch tall. Also this morning Dad tested our heat exchanger and it is still heating up. We have some hoses connected to the pump from the well going into the top of an old water heater. Then the water goes down through the tank and out the back and into the wood stove, through the heat exchanger, gets warmed up and then it goes up (heat rising) into the top of the tank, then out to the other electric water heater (the electric water heater just keeps the water warm while it sits) and goes through the pipes to the sink and shower and whatever else has pipes going to it. Our house looks like a shop.

We went to work on more plumbing at our friends place and drilled some holes but we still need more parts to finish (we had got some of the wrong parts and needed a couple more pieces.

This evening we cut some blocks of snow and made a snow fort (not finished). It is about three feet tall, and about seven feet long and five feet wide.

If you think this is more than "nothing new" our days can be more complicated than this!


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Dr Bartlett said...

You are a good writer Peter!