Monday, January 23, 2006

Just Another Day, and an essay about My Tree House


Not much happened today. Just the usual, I get up, get dressed, go out and feed the dogs their breakfast, feed the cats, check on the sheep, and wait for everybody else to get up. Jonathan is usually up first, David next, me, Mom, maybe Dad then Andrew or the other way around. This afternoon I brought my binoculars and ran off into the woods because it is fun to hide and sneak up on my brothers! Also this afternoon we hauled some wood to the wood box and right after that it got really stormy looking in the sky. The clouds were really dark. Since there wasn't much to write about I will put an essay I wrote for the Dakota Times (my brother's newspaper) about my tree house.

My Four Level Tree House
I have a tree house in the woods on the right side of our house. If you walk down the trail that twists and turns you will go past the picnic area and up a small hill and there it is. Four levels high, about 20 feet to the top. Ground is the first level, five feet to the next level, the same to the next, five feet to the fourth level and lastly about five feet to the roof.

Upon entering the bottom level (ground level) you have entered the jail. You are surrounded by barbed wire (that you can't get out of). There is a small bench and a locked door. This space is small because the six trees grew in a pattern of about two feet by four feet. Exiting the jail out of the door under the ladder leading to the next level, you climb that ladder and enter the defense level. This level is open except for a railing around the outside. This is the second level. Now for the third level. Going up the hole (over which I would like to put a trapdoor with a lock) into an enclosed level with tarpaper to try to keep the wind out and there is two windows. There is also another ladder going up to the last level. This level has quite a view. You can see over the tops of the trees and to the neighbors property. This is the description of my four level tree house.



Jonathan said...

Hi Peter! I like your blog format, as well as what you write.

mountainfirekeeper said...

Cool tree house! Can I come see it next time I'm visiting?

Lynn said...

Peter, you are doing such a good job of blogging! I guess I better start getting up before you do!

Dr Bartlett said...

Sounds like a very elaborate tree house!