Thursday, January 21, 2010

More milk, less time

We have been getting a little over 5 gallons of milk each day now and I'm getting pretty quick at it too! I strip her out in a little more than 20 minutes.

We made two churns of butter this morning. We got a old electric butter churn from someone and it is made not to use paddles. The butter is churned by a little metal tube with four holes at the top that spins at the speed of the motor, it is not geared down at all. We put three quarts of cream in and had a little over two pounds of butter in 8-10 minutes. It sure beats shaking it in jars!

We are starting to see the beginning of a storm that is supposed to hit us tomorrow. It is pretty windy and foggy out right now.

This is me playing a guitar tune called "Song for Emily". I learned it from a instructional dvd by a guitar player Kenny Smith. There are a bunch more complicated songs I have yet to learn because they are a lot harder. I would like to learn them all before spring comes.

I took these pictures of Samson today...

I thought the second one was cute! He is trying to get me to throw his deflated basket ball!



Anonymous said...

Wow that butter looks good. I like making butter too.
I liked the video of you playing the guitar. How long have you been playing? Do you play any other instruments? I play harmonica,mandolin and a little bit of guitar. Your dog is cute. We want to get an anatolian shepherd because our other dog got hit on the road :(.

Hannah said...

Great pictures of Samson!! The look he's giving you in the second picture makes me think of Mercy :-) Nice guitar playing as well - would you recommend the instructional DVD by Kenny Smith? Caleb would like to get something like that to improve his guitar playing.

Hannah said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention - I REALLY like your new header!! How did you get the picture on the right to go sideways like that? It looks great! :-)

Peter said...

Hi Nathanael,

I've been playing for about 6 years already now. My brothers play music too and we have fun together. I haven't put much effort into other instruments as much as the guitar but I like to hear the mandolin and banjo. I guess we enjoy the bluegrass style the most and that is why I called my blog Mr. Flatpicker. Flatpicking is the bluegrass guitar style!


I felt like I got stuck at one place in my guitar playing last summer and decided to get a really challenging guitar dvd so I chose the Kenny Smith DVD. It cost about $60 but I think it was worth it. It is two hours long and talks a lot about rhythm as well as neat solos too. His style is not as "aggressive" as other guitar players but it is challenging! I would recommend it for Caleb as a next level for him.

You can't really tell but on my header each one of the buckets is a different picture that we erased around! There's a tool called "skew" on our program that makes pictures like that look tilted.

Thanks for the comments!