Thursday, January 07, 2010

What is it?

The light from above bounces off a shiny object. It is sitting quietly on the floor to my left, a dark shadow covering the side close to the box of potatoes next to it. It is comprised of mostly a cylinder, fitted with various attachments clinging to the outside in a useful arrangement. On the straight sides of the cylinder, close to the floor, there is a depression in it's surface that continues all the way around and smoothly slopes back to the surface of the object. Approximately eighteen inches off the floor the sides of this curious object make a sudden bend inward, forming a sloping cone for a distance of about three inches, and then continues upward.

From the floor to its top, this metallic object measures about twenty inches, including a dome shaped piece made of the same material that can be fitted into the wide opening on the top of this object. Attached to this inverted dome is a pipe, bent to form an arc reaching from one side to the other which makes the placement of the dome onto the main compartment quick and easy.

There are two solid bars attached firmly to the edge of the main compartment, lined up directly across from each other and two hinged latches located near the rim of the opening.

The interior of this object is similar to the outside except that the finish is not as reflective. There is no seam in the construction of the main compartment and it is very clean.

What is it?

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think it is.



Brandon said...

It's got to be something for milking your cow, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
Is it a milk tote?
This was pretty hard!
Good descriptions!

Peter said...

Yep! It is a stainless steel milk tote like you said!

I've been using it to carry milk up from the barn.

Good guess,


Andrew B. said...

Hmmmmm, Let me guess:

Said container is composed of a steel alloy, primarily used due to it's great resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and other discoloration. The primary use of said object is the containment and transportation of a white liquid, which is composed mainly of H²O, although containing many other trace minerals. Said liquid is only procurable through the process of compressing, or squeezing, the extremities of the mammary gland of almost any mammal, although in this case said liquid is from the species Bos taurus. Said container has an average use of twice per day, after which use it is thoroughly washed and sanitized, in preparation for the next use.

What that all comes down to is this: A stainless steel milk pail. :-) That was a good stumper, and very well written. Keep up the good work!

Andrew B.