Monday, October 02, 2006


Today we put the sheathing on the SE side of the house. We also got the house wrap on top of that. It is a challenge to get the nine foot roll of plastic up at the eight foot level or higher. Last night Samson barked a lot But I didn't hear it! Mom was pretty tired today and so I hope she can sleep better tonight.

Yesterday I got this picture of Samson: :o)

Actually as you can probably see I put three pictures together. The one of the moom, one of Samson, and since I couldn't find a picture of a rock the thing that is supposed to be a rock is a hubbard squash.

I'll write again soon,



Anonymous said...

That is pretty clever Peter. Sure looks real.

That would be a good picture to put in your blog profile.

You guys are sure learning a lot building that house.


Gp B

Marci said...

A very creative picture!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are well on your way to becoming a graphic designer. Keep up the good work!