Friday, October 06, 2006

Finished House!


We're pretty exited! Mr. Kranz and two of his sons came day before yesterday with another one of our friends and helped us sheet and wrap the final part of the house. We had to finish sheeting the front and back sides and finish wrapping three sides of the house. We used scaffolding for most of it but the ladder helped in some places. The back of the house was the last to do. It was probably because of the height! We used six levels of scaffolding to reach the peak and each scaffolding is about five feet tall. We strapped the scaffolding to the house in a couple places so it wouldn't wobble so much.

Last night as we were driving on 43 we hit a mink! Dad stopped and we picked it up. It didn't get very messed up so we took it home to skin it. This morning Jonathan skined it and I helped a little but half way through he cut one of the sent glands by the tail so we worked on it with our noses plugged. Right now it is stretching upstairs. (the reason we were driving on 43 so late was we went to Paulette's to watch and bring some bees for her to do bee therapy on a friend)

This afternoon since we had a break from building my brothers and I made some clay coins. It was out of the clay we were digging in the trench. So now when we want to use boards from each other we can pay with our coins. Andrew and David made a little lumber company beside the outhouse. They stacked all the little cut offs from the studs we used for the house and some of the strips of chip board they put on a shelf that they made. It has a front desk and some empty cans that are for sale.

Mom said 5 minutes till bed,


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Marci said...

Yeah... You got it done and before winter. I know you are all relieved.