Saturday, September 30, 2006


Hi there,

Today we got the other side of the roof done with shingles! Tomorrow we will start with the ridge cap. We took turns carrying shingles up. First it was dad with Jonathan, Jonathan with me, me with Dad, and then Dad with Jonathan and over and over. Mom went to Minot this afternoon and brought back house wrap for after we finish the sheeting. Mom wants us to post some more pictures of the house but it is too late tonight. I hope Samson doesn't bark all night like he did last night. I think he barks at the coyotes. They seem to be loud for some reason.

Maybe since we got the shingles on we will have more free time to blog some pictures.

Good night,


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Grammy B. said...

Glad to have a progress report on your roof. You sure are strong to be able to carry the shingles up there. Looks as if you are working on the ridge cap today.

When you get the sheeting up and the wrap on you should be nice and cozy. We will look forward to seeing pictures when you have a chance to post them.

I hope Samson didn't bark all night so that you could get a good night's sleep. Love, Grammy B.