Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Barn!

Today we were finally able to put our goats in our new barn! We have it separated into half for goats and half for the milking stand and other stuff. The barn is 28' long and 12 ' wide. On the roof we put tarpaper and slats to hold it on. We didn't want to put our buck inside because he would stink it up! :op

We have been getting ready for winter. We have moved all the stuff that was out around the semi and put it away. It is supposed to snow tonight the storm moved in this afternoon. For the last two weeks we had been working for a guy doing honey extracting. It is really sticky. We did eight pallets of forty boxes on each pallet per day. I am glad to be done doing it. On our way the first day we saw: a cow and a bull moose comming off our property, 14 muskrats sitting on the edge of the ice, thirty wild turkeys, and a coyote all in one half hour drive. Today when we went to pick up a refridgearator from a friend we saw a bald eagle. Probably the same one we saw a couple of days before.

Upstairs we each have our own shops with our tools organized. I made a bench for myself and hung up my mechanics wrenches on a board with nails and drilled in another board for putting my screwdrivers in and have three tool boxes full of tools. Last night andrew and I arranged tools upstairs for dad. We have a table saw, band saw, radial arm saw, scroll saw, 12'' plainer, drill press, belt sander, wood lathe, and a big red craftsman tool box.

Oh yes, this morning we heard our turkeys fighting and our dog barking and it turned out that a wild turkey was trying to show whose boss to our turkeys. Eventually our turkeys chased it off. Maybe it is still in the woods! Tonight we are going to have popcorn and whatever else we are going to have.



Marci said...

Do we get a picture of the finished barn and a tour of the inside?

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

Glad the barn is done for now.

Bet the goats will like it.

I assume the Billy gets to stay in the old pen.

Your shops up stairs is a good idea.

Now you won't have to use the generator.

Also those tools will get a lot of use when its time to finish off the inside.

Yes we also would like to see pictures.

Gp B