Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hoop house


We got the hoop house (green house) almost finished in the last couple days. Pretty much all that is left is the plastic sheet over the top. We have a door on the northern end of the hoop house and got it tilled inside. Also, in the last couple of days we put up some cattle panels for fencing and wired them to metal stakes for a pen for our sheep and maybe goats this summer. I took these pictures this afternoon of the hoop house and other things:

The hoop house.
Dad putting the washer and hose clamp on the end of the re-bar to hold it from shifting in the wind.

Jonathan putting the wire into the 2x4 to wire the board to the pipes I filled with cement.

Steve, David and Andrew spreading the manure farther from the pile.

Jonathan admiring the hoop house.

Looking through the door at Steve and the tiller.

Dad is having a good time :-)

Our tilled garden spot without any plants.Our garden spot with plants.

A good picture of Mom.

Later in the evening we went to our neighbors to look at their sheep and lambs. The pictures:

Us bottle feeding the lambs.

As you can see, they have lots of sheep!

A cute picture of one out of about 120 lambs that they have.

Our sheep that need to be sheared. I'll have to put some pictures of the fences that we put up. Now it is time to got to bed. Goodnight!



Lynn said...

Good pictures, Peter! Also, you did a good job explaining your day. Lots of hard work was done today, and I'm proud of you! Love, Mom

Benjamin said...

Hi Peter,
We enjoyed your pictures- looks like you guys have your work cut out for you with that green house- but I'm sure you'll all enjoy the fruits of your labors!
Ben and Heather

Anonymous said...

Yes Peter

Good photos. Sure is nice to see them as progress is being made. What did we ever do with out digital?

Those lambs are sure cute.

Think Mom would let you have one or 2 in the house and even take them to bed with you. Then you could really count sheep. I think I know the answer.

Gp B

mountainfirekeeper said...

Hi Peter!

Excellent pictures and descriptions!

It's a good thing that we didn't get the greenhouse finished and tomatoes transplanted into it. Tonight is downright chilly with snowflakes falling. I've got our woodstove keeping our hoophouse plants warm. I've got to go out and feed the fire yet tonight.

Best wishes!

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