Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rain rain rain = mud mud mud

Rain rain rain = Mud mud mud = mess mess mess. It is pretty dreary out today. I only went outside a couple times and don't feel like going out any more than I have to. Samson is kind of lonely because we had Selah inside all night. The thunder scares her pretty bad. We did indoor stuff today like: math, reading, music... Not a lot to write about. Dad went to sawmill lumber to pick up an aproxamate price ammount for building supplies.



Lynn said...

You described the last couple of days perfectly, Peter! Hopefully things will dry up and we can work outside again soon. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

Glad to read your blog.

Lots of things to do and learn out there.

Lots of people would love to live like you guys. Not Me !!, but others have expressed how unique it would be. Too much work for me.

I have a lot of respect for all of you for making the best of what you have and still enjoying "smelling the roses".

Sure glad to hear Andrew has a new mandolin. Also glad to here how he has realy improved in his playing.
I am sure all of you have improved.
All it takes is the desire and O --- Yea--- PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE, right?

Now if you can only get David tuned in. Oh well there is still time for him to get the Bluegrass bug.

Hang in there Peter, Say hi to Andrew and David.

Love you guys

Gp B

Aunt Linda said...

Greetings Peter-- I just got caught up on your blogs and want you to know what a good "picture"' of your experiences you "paint" with your words. Interesting, fun to read, and I can imagine the fun and excitement you are experiencing. Great job, Aunt L.